RAM MFRS 9 SaaS (“the Solution”)

What is RAM MFRS 9 SaaS?

RAM MFRS 9 SaaS (“the Solution”) is a subscription-based web application created to assist bond/sukuk investors estimate the Expected Credit Loss (ECL) for their bond/sukuk portfolios.

How do I use the Solution?

In nutshell, the process involves 3 main tasks which are: (1) Prepare and upload investment portfolio information; (2) Check and review information; and (3) Perform scenario / “what-if” tests. Under the Solution’s “scenario-testing” module, you will be able to compare ECL estimates for your portfolio on an individual (stock-level) and aggregate basis based on multiple scenarios of your choice.

Do I need to provide a lot of information on my investment portfolio?

We have tried to minimise the information required by the Solution. You will need to provide information to identify each stock (ISIN Code, Stock Code and Facility Code) so that the Solution can automatically lookup the bond/sukuk’s ratings (if rated, and available in the database). Meanwhile, information on the collateral type/value as well as the current exposure are required to provide a recommended LGD as well as the ECL estimate. If you do not wish to use these recommended values, you may manually define a rating and/or LGD percentage for each bond/sukuk in your portfolio. For credit-impaired investments, the projected lifetime exposures and effective interest rate assumptions will also be required. The Solution uses the ‘Credit Stage’ information (1, 2, or 3) provided by the User when deciding whether to compute a 12-month or lifetime ECL for each bond/sukuk in the portfolio.

I have over 100 stocks in my portfolio. How do I feed these information into the Solution?

By using a template that will be uploaded into the Solution; the template will be available to Subscribers. You will also be able to edit/change selected information for individual bonds/sukuk via the Solution’s interface, if necessary. Once you have completed a CSV template for your ‘first time’ upload, the same file can be updated and re-uploaded for use on future reporting dates. Do keep this filled-in CSV file in a safe place.

Where is the Solution hosted?

The Solution is hosted and maintained by RAM on its own server. Users may opt whether to retain (or delete) information that they have uploaded while using the Solution.

Is the Solution automatically available to existing subscribers of RAM’s website?

No, the Solution is provided as a separate service.

I need further assistance and/or I would like to know more about the Solution. Who do I call?

Please send us an email at mfrs9@ram.com.my and let us know how we can help you.

Alternatively, please contact:

For technical and Solutions-related support:
Chuan Shyang Lin

(603) 3385 2536

Hazel Dashini

(603) 3385 2540

For subscription and other enquiries:
Julie Ng

(603) 3385 2595

Joanne Kek

(603) 3385 2520